vacuum systems


A ducted vacuum system is a built in vacuum or central system that is easier, faster and also a healthier way to clean your home.


Why install a ducted vacuum system?


You don’t have to drag a heavy vacuum cleaner all over the house and up and down the stairs.


There is no vacuum motor noise in each of the rooms as you vacuum as the motor is usually fitted in the garage or carport.


There are no dust particles and irritants being blown into the air, as with your old portable vacuum cleaner, as the filter is in the motor and  not in the same room.

No more changing filthy old dusty bags as this is a bagless system.


Great for allergy sufferers as there are no irritants in the air as you are vacuuming.


All vacuumed air is sucked into the system and NOT blown out into your rooms.





How is it installed?


If you are renovating, building or just need a ducted vacuum system installed in your existing home, we can advise you of the best system for your needs and the most cost effective way of installing the system.


We can quote from your plans. This system is suitable for both single storey and multiple storey homes. We can advise the number of inlets required. These come in a choice of colours.


For existing homes we can generally install the piping under floors, up walls and along ceilings.



Our expert technicians can come to your home and quote on the most cost effective way of installing a ducted vacuum system for you.


What size system?


There are a choice of power systems to suit your home or business. We can advise you on the performance and suction best suited to your requirements.





All systems come with an accessory kit complete with 10.5  metre hose, and multiple brush tools.



A little something for your kitchen or bar


We can install a nifty little gadget. An under bench inlet (a dustpan) for your kitchen  that sweeps away your everyday mess. Ask us about it!


A home with a ducted vacuum system is a clean and healthy home.


security solutions

Stop intruders and secure yourself. Many options available

access control

Who goes where and when? You be in charge

services and support

Keep your system in tip top shape and working effictively, or download your User Guide.


You can't monitor your home 24/7, but we can


View your home or business remotely 24/7!

Intercoms & Vacuums

See who is at your door and get in a quick vacuum before they come in!