24 hour monitoring

Lately, it seems we are all used to hearing, and often ignoring the sounds of sirens and ringing bells from buildings and vehicles, which is why our customers rely on Bluelight alarm monitoring services to be assured that someone will respond to all alarms.


"How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?"

Our alarms attach to your telephone line, or the GSM mobile network, which then is used to send signals from the alarm control panel to our monitoring centre. The operators are able to see what type of alarm is coming through and are then able to take action by calling your list of contacts, a security patrol or the police or fire brigade. Operators are also able to monitor when the alarm is being armed and disarmed indicating open and close times of your business to ensure that you or your staff haven’t left your premises and forgotten to arm it.

Also, daily reports from the monitoring centre will inform us if any problems are experienced with your system such as a failure to perform a weekly test, a low battery or even faulty detectors, thus ensuring that your alarm is going to work when needed.


Our A1 rated Control Room can view and report the following:
  • Alarm Activations

  • Low batteries (Control Panel and PIR Detectors)

  • Tampers

  • Power Failure

  • Weekly dialler tests

  • Panic Alarms

  • Smoke Detector activations

  • Faulty devices

In the event of an alarm activation, our Control Room will contact nominated key holders to attend the premises or request a Security Patrol be sent to the premises. If no answer from any contacts, (with prior permission) the Control Room will despatch a Security Patrol to carry out an external inspection of the property. If a break in has occurred, the Security Guard can stay onsite until the premises have been secured or the Police have attended the property.


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