M1 security solutions


Terribly sorry, but because the M1 is such an awesome panel, there is also a HUGE amount of information for us to put on this page that we just havent finished yet. With so many bells and whistles to put up, it's taking longer than expected.


Hopefully when our technicians have some spare time (here's hoping) they can finish this off.

Until then, please feel free to contact us and one of our M1 gurus will be in touch.


security solutions

Stop intruders and secure yourself. Many options available

access control

Who goes where and when? You be in charge

services and support

Keep your system in tip top shape and working effictively, or download your User Guide.


You can't monitor your home 24/7, but we can


View your home or business remotely 24/7!


See who is at your door and get in a quick vacuum before they come in!