CCTV systems provide the flexibility for you to record and view your home or business premises remotely via computer, tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the world 24 hrs a day. Thanks to advances in technology and storage, its easily possible to record many months worth of footage without any user interaction. 

A CCTV system is an extremely effective way of visually monitoring your premises for security purposes as well as providing excellent protection. 


As with all technology products, there are a plethora of options available. High Definition SDI or High definition IP based systems, NVRs, DVRs, digital or analogue, day or night, Cloud based or local.
We can install all types of systems depending on your requirements. From 1 camera to 100, contact us for a site evaluation so we can offer the best solution.




IP Cameras are a great addition to Video surveillance. They simply connect to your exisiting computer network via ethernet cable or wifi, and can stream audio and video to any PC on your network or via the internet (Secure Login required) as well as recording to a device on your network called a NVR (network video recorder).


IP can be a very cost effective solution for businesses as they simply require a network connection. This can help reduce installation costs of cabling and also opens up abilities to install cameras large distances away from the NVR.


Compatibility is no longer a problem as most cameras communicate through a common language called ONVIF.


All systems we install can be viewed on your Smartphone/Tablet via free Apps. The addition of being able to access your recorded footage and live view from anywhere in the world as easily as pulling your phone out of your pocket is something that is helping to put minds at ease at home and at work.






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Stop intruders and secure yourself. Many options available

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Who goes where and when? You be in charge

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Keep your system in tip top shape and working effictively, or download your User Guide.


You can't monitor your home 24/7, but we can


View your home or business remotely 24/7!


See who is at your door and get in a quick vacuum before they come in!