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Below are our most frequently installed alarm panels and accessories. Although we use and recommend Ness branded alarm panels, all our technicians are trained in multiple different systems. If you would prefer a different brand of system we can still help.



Ness D8/16X 

Our most popular alarm panel. Perfect for a small home to a large business.

  • Up to 16 Zones onboard

  • Wireless interface for key remotes and wireless detectors

  • Option to control via smartphone

  • Add access control functions for door control and access management

  • Touchscreen keypads available

  • Built-in Dialler


Ness R16 - Wireless Security Panel

  • Built-in Keypad

  • Built-in piezo siren,

  • Add up to 16 wireless detectors

  • Built-in LCD display,

  • Built-in radio receiver,

  • Built-in dialler. 

  • Perfect for when cables just cannot be used. Just plug it into power and off you go!


Ness Guardpost

A unique alarm! A complete All-In-One system with a GSM Dialler.

  • Onboard motion detector

  • Add up to 24 wireless zones

  • Audible voice alerts "Armed, Disarmed" etc.

  • Internal battery allows up to three months operation without mains power!

  • Perfect for Caravans, Motorhomes, Sheds, Boats, etc.











Ness M1 Gold

From a Smart home, to a school, to an entire multi story building, the M1 can do it all.  

FAQ: Can the M1 do this?

Our answer is always : Yes!


  • Complete integration with AV/Lighting/Aircon

  • Massive expandability options. Up to 208 inputs and outputs

  • Intelligent rule based programming for ultimate automation

  • Brilliant complete control via Smartphone/Tablets/PC

  • Advanced Access control features

  • Complete IP integration

  • Install multiple M1 panels on the same network for even more expansion

Below are just some of the accessories available for alarm systems. As technology moves forwards, more and more handy little accessories are becoming available and there are far too many to list. If you cant find what you are looking for, please contact us to see what we can do for you.

Wireless 4 button Key remotes                                                                      

  • Used to arm/disarm your system

  • Panic Button

  • Auxillary button

  • Waterproof

Hardwired and Wireless Smoke detectors

  • Connected to your alarm system

  • Paired with back to base monitoring, you can be alerted even if you arent at home

  • BSA Compliant

Wireless panic buttons and pendants for alarm panels

  • Wireless allows installation just about anywhere 

  • Available in a watch band and a necklace style pendant

Wireless and hardwired reed switches

  • Monitor doors and windows for additional security

  • Combine with a smart alarm for perimeter arming allowing free movement inside

Outdoor PE Beams

  • "Secure the perimeter!"

  • Available indoors or outdoors

  • Covering 1m to 200m 

Proximity Readers

  • Add a proximity reader for easy access to your premises without the need for codes.

  • Compatible with multiple types of access cards/tags

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